Catch a couple's dreams in no time, study, design and develop, are the basis upon which to build an unforgettable wedding.


Dancing shows and choreographic welcoming services, street performers, retellings of fairytales and famous tv productions to amuse and amaze your guests throughout the event.


Opening parties, graduation parties, special birthdays, business meetings and introductions dinners, baby showers, anniversaries, fashion shows and more.


Amalfi Coast landscapes and its ancient villages, multiple times Blue Flag Sea awarded paradise beaches of Cilento and its hinterland full of naturalistic oasis, luxury villas in Rome, Venice, Tuscany and Lake Como and the fascinating venues of Sicily.

Ogni idea di evento viene pianificata e trasformata in atmosfera esclusiva

Amalfi Coast Wedding

Amalfi Coast

Poignantly beautiful landscapes, Art Nouveau or modern style villas, breathtaking views and characteristic villages that still preserve their ancient luster...

Cilento Wedding


Imagine holding a wedding reception in a place that overlooks the calm waters of a lake that sends reflections of the surrounding villages, a hinterland rich in history and traditions...



Salerno is a beautiful Mediterranean city where tradition and modern merge,it is competitively growing over all the aspects that concern the wedding trade and business...

Roma Wedding


The spouses who choose the eternal city to celebrate their wedding, will cherish an unforgettable memory. Strolling in the park of Villa Borghese, admiring the Colosseum, holding your breath on top of the Pincio...

Venezia Wedding


The fairytale scenarios that Venice offers for couples who decide to get married in this wonderful city, are not to be found anywhere else in the world, where transported by gondolas along the rii...

Lago di Como Wedding

Lake di Como

The choice of villas and luxurious residences over the Lake Como is wide, with a fair variety of styles, from the most famous to less known but equally beautiful ones...

Toscana Wedding


Tuscany is the place where art, history, stillness, romance and food and wine tours combine. It starts from Florence, whose historic center is a Renaissance jewel...

Sicilia Wedding


A remarkable experience is what it turns out to be, for those who celebrate their wedding in this wonderful region...

About Alma

Wedding planner and event designer.
Enlightening your moment with my own entertainment.
My goal is to make your dreams come true, going beyond your expectations.

Fire eaters performances for weddings and events

With undeniable visual impact entertainment in any event, artists enchant every guest with their overwhealming fire performances. High emotional sideshow with a grand finale.

The magic of the dancing jellyfishes-umbrellas

The fascinating and evocative dance of the jellyfishes-umbrellas swinging to the music will surprise and entertain your family and friends.

Luminous butteflies

Created to be the highlight of exclusive events, this unique performance of luminous butterflies represents a dream, flying through the shimmering lights of its choreography. Entirely designed and developed by Alma Guerrini.

The art of retelling fairy tales and famous tv productions

A copletely new and different way to cheer up and involve people that take part in various recreational projects held at cultural and natural heritage sites, as well as unique locations, an alternative way of living an event dedicated to both adults or youngsters. But also a special performance breaking in the middle of a wedding reception, a birthday party or celebration.

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