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"I came here tonight because when you realize you want to spend the rest of your life with somebody, you want the rest of your life to start as soon as possible."

Billy Cristal to Meg Ryan in When Harry Met Sally

Being a wedding and event planner it takes not only a great experience, but also owning several skills that ensure the accomplishment of a flawless event – even though sometimes, only apparently: think about the times it is necessary drawing a plan B when all of a sudden hitches rain (litterally!) down on you there comes your WP, who nonchalantly heads up running towards the alternative (wisely planned on time) fixing up the hitch making sure nobody has realized there even was one!

Why trust a wedding and event planner? Just think about this: how many weddings, birthdays, celebrations have impressed you so much because actually had a lot of fun, the stunning decorations, the music, the atmosphere all the event long have left you extraordinary memories? There’s not many isn’t it? And for the few memorable ones, it’s 100% sure there was a professional behind it.

Hiring a wedding and event planner guarantees your event to be equal to none other, beginning from the choice of the location, which is the one that takes much longer because it has to match your taste concerning style, position, menù choices, a place that must be not so difficult to reach and that will possibly meet the needs of everyone involved. Making this whole lot by yourselves with much limited free time, when you’re even planning to get married far away from where you live is definitely impossible or can even get worse: your dream might turn into a nightmare!

The wedding planner was specifically born to help couples organize their wedding, since nowadays free time is very limited for everyone and planning such an important event like this takes so many months for appointments, wedding dress rehearsals, choosing invitations and favors suppliers, church decorations, location or restaurant, florists, car rental, booking transport services and overnight stays for guests who will come from far away...

Why put yourselves under such a pression and stress only to get you exhausted to the day of your wedding, or just buy an "all inclusive package" service which you know it’ll never have anything exclusive, because you don’t have enough time to do it all by yourselves when there’s such a dedicated and loving person who can show you so many colour combinations for the theme, a theme that will necessarily have to match floral installations, mise en plàce and that will have to reflect both your personalities? Because of the mistaken preconception that hiring this kind of professional is way too expensive, but this is actually not true. Wedding planners always avail of a quite good net of suppliers they can trust, who can provide an excellent service at affordable prices compared to the ones you would be proposed by each supplier individually.

As for the majority of wedding planners, Alma Guerrini Event Planner always seeks an informal approach with couples, making them feel at ease to begin a friendly relationship since she will be your closest adviser and guide for your wedding plan, the one you will put all your trust in because she’ll go evaluate all the best solutions and offers for you, putting the final touch creating the event highlight ranging from fireworks with lanters flight to dancing shows and street artists like fire eaters, jugglers, stilt walkers.

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