Destination Wedding

You have decided for an elopment, or a simple but special wedding with a very few guests, thinking of a classic wedding but just don't want it to be hold in your hometown...
You would love the reception to be be hosted in that castle you have dreamed of all your life, or you're dreaming of a different ceremony, with an ancient ritual, rich of spirituality such as the sand ritual which represents the conjunction of two lives in one, the union of two souls walking this path together beginning by the sea?

Tell us about your dream: we will design it to make the most beautiful day of your life unforgettable.


Amalfi Coast Wedding

Amalfi Coast

Poignantly beautiful landscapes, Art Nouveau or modern style villas, breathtaking views and characteristic villages that still preserve their ancient luster: the Amalfi Coast, a World Heritage Site, is the choice of many couples all over the world for its uniqueness. Ravello, Amalfi, Sorrento, Vietri sul Mare, Positano each of them amazes for the naturalistic impact that from the first moment catches the eye with its predominant colours such as the yellow, blue and red of the ceramics, hallmark of this place that characterizes the indoor environment. For romantic couples in love with the sun, the sea, good food and why not, the entertainment that is colorful, imaginative and engaging in this land,it will undoubtedly be an extraordinary ceremony.

Cilento Wedding


Imagine holding a wedding reception in a place that overlooks the calm waters of a lake that sends reflections of the surrounding villages, a hinterland rich in history and traditions..and then imagine to turn around and find yourself over the hills to admire the coast surrounded by wild nature and be amazed by the emerald shades of the crystalline sea, the ideal and suggestive atmosphere to exchange promises of love, enchanted by these natural sceneries like Agropoli, the 'door of Cilento' that from its cliff shows its castle, getting to the archaeological area of Paestum, recognized by Unesco World Heritage, one of the main monumental complexes of Magna Graecia with its three famous Doric temples of Hera, Athena and Poseidon. This territory is one of the most longed-for by the spouses for the versatility of its sceneries and structures of endless variety of typologies: ancient estates with old manor villas immersed in large gardens where guests are inebriated by the scent of citrus, former summer residences restored to all its ancient glory - real gems of history, art and culture, but also locations for glamorous ceremonies on the beach or over the hills, dominating the sea.



Salerno is a beautiful Mediterranean city where tradition and modern merge,it is competitively growing over all the aspects that concern the wedding trade and business: high tailoring manufactoring level, banqueting, event planning, extraordinary locations, and Alma Guerrini has always been able to enhance its wonders through ceremonies, celebrations and through shows and entertainment. Salerno boasts of an absolutely fascinating historic center, villas and historic halls that the city council has made available for civil functions, parks and gardens such as Villa Verdi which has a botanical garden full of rare Mediterranean plants, ideal place for wedding photography also in winter, yes, because couples who would love getting married during Christmas time, will have a wonderful surprise here: Luci D'Artista, that will make their wedding album unique.

Rome Wedding


The spouses who choose the eternal city to celebrate their wedding, will cherish an unforgettable memory. Strolling in the park of Villa Borghese, admiring the Colosseum, holding your breath on top of the Pincio, looking at the city from above while the photographer fixes in time the moments of your most beautiful day and maybe deciding to stay for the honeymoon, so you don't break away from the dream you are living. Because every corner of Rome is like a parallel reality where time stops, but at the same time offers culture, fun, movida along with great emotions, while it protects with its majesty and jealously guards the happy memories of countless people.

Venice Wedding


The fairytale scenarios that Venice offers for couples who decide to get married in this wonderful city, are not to be found anywhere else in the world, where transported by gondolas along the rii and canals you find yourself surprised by the incomparable beauty of its buildings in Venetian, Byzantine, Gothic and Renaissance baroque style, continuing to dream passing under the Ponte Dei Sospiri ( Bridge of Sighs ),to which according to popular tradition it was Lord Byron who gave this name! If you want a classy reception set up with elegance, Venice is the right city.

Lake Como Wedding

Lake Como

The choice of villas and luxurious residences over the Lake Como is wide, with a fair variety of styles, from the most famous to less known but equally beautiful ones, considering that many of these date back to the 7th and 8th centuries, many of them were used as summer residences from the wealthiest families since Roman times and nowadays transformed into locations that represent the quintessence of a luxury event, a concentrate of architectural majesty and well groomed gardens that overlook a natural sight so unique that will take your breath away.

Tuscany Wedding


Tuscany is the place where art, history, stillness, romance and food and wine tours combine. It starts from Florence, whose historic center is a Renaissance jewel of undisputed beauty and Unesco World Heritage, to the green hills of the famous Chianti or Chiantishire as the English affectionately renamed it, because of the great presence of Anglo-Saxon tourists among which many have taken up residence there. This region offers so much, that those who choose to get married here, will have the availability of all kinds of locations for both the reception and the celebration. They range from castles to historic houses, villas and luxurious palaces to farmhouses rebuilt from ancient ruins and brought back to life in an excellent way, each with a unique style located over the mountains, in the countryside or even in green plains and over hills overlooking the sea. Moreover, the spouses can choose to stay after the ceremony for a chance to live a wonderful honeymoon, choosing the type of itinerary they love most: art and architecture, sea and relax depending on the season, though Tuscany generally enjoys a climate that is never too rigid - clearly excluding the highest reliefs - and perhaps following a route traveling by train, that from one location to another shows a moltitude of beautiful and relaxing landscape scenario to the eyes.

Sicily Wedding


A remarkable experience is what it turns out to be, for those who celebrate their wedding in this wonderful region. A luxury reception in a sumptuous palace or villa in Sicilian Baroque style, or an elopment to one of the Circumsicilian islands, such as the Aeolian archipelago where you can get lost , far from everything, where completely unspoiled beaches break from nowhere, black sand, volcanoes, obsidian that creates spectacular light effects, the absolutely incomparable flavor of the seafood, the characteristic hospitality of these places. This region, full of architectural and naturalistic jewels has inspired writers and poets from all over the world, bewitching every visitor who can no longer forget it. << The purity of the contours, the softness of everything, the exchange of soft colors, the harmonious unity of the sky with the sea and the sea to the land... who saw them once, shall possess them for alifetime >> J.W.Goethe, "Journey to Italy", 1817.

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