Chocolate candies, Champagne and Strawberries

This is a marriage proposal I'll hardly ever forget . When Adelio first contacted me, neither of us could have imagined what we were going to get through to get this marriage proposal wrapped up.

His wish was to propose Marianna by the sea and the time of the year was just perfect since it was late springtime, I only had to think of the gorgeous and romantic setting and he just had to give me a date... But that's when it all started to go downhill - the weather revolved in such a way we just couldn't tell which weekend could be the one to keep us away from trouble: thundering, awfully windy, rain at all times of day and night out of nowhere, so that you really couldn't tell nor predict what it was going to be like within the range of an hour - bear in mind that this went over and over all through the summer!

We were almost able to set a date in September, when Adelio called me telling me that we had to cancel because Marianna had to leave town in a rush due to family issues, so we just settled that we'd hear from each other once everything was going to be back to normal, until time was up to just do it, he really couldn't wait anymore, it was December and we had to make it within a couple of weeks.

The weather was promising, it was a bit sunny but unusually cold for our territory being over the Meditrranean but still a bit unstable so we were left to pray for an awesome sunset . I wanted this proposal to be perfect with all myself, not only because being me I take my job real seriously, but also because I grow so fond of every couple I work for - we get to share such important moments I know they will cherish for all their lives that I become friends with most of them.

And the breathtaking, suggestive, absolutely marvelous sunset we got. I was so happy I just can't tell with words that we all ended up shedding tears of joy!