The Addams Family. By Alma Guerrini

I got a call from this naturalistic oasis surrounded by vast green spaces, to plan and set up a themed event for kids involving them in various recreational activities.

It was so much fun to build up - we were sitting all around one night with the guys, these amazing artists I got to know during last year, and the idea for the Addams Family just came out of nowhere and immediately caught us all. Each and every one of them knew who fit best with each character.

It was extraordinary, kids had so much fun all through the day, with huntings, shows and ventures in the park, and we had such a great time we can?t wait to do this again.

Scroll down the pictures in the gallery and watch the marvelous video shooted for this event, and you will be captured by this amazing experience.
I still find myself watching it over again, feeling so proud of this team work that turned out so well!